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The University ”Ștefan cel Mare” from Suceava





About the organization

  • The University Stefan cel Mare Suceava continues the educatios, culture and traditions of Bukovina, represented by schools royal capital of the first Moldovan andfinishing with the Institute of Superior Studies in Suceava. University status was acquired on 7 March 1990, HG 225 (decision by the Government).

  • University Stefan cel Mare Suceava is a university institute of education, structured in 9 faculties: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Forestry, Department of Food Engineering, Faculty of Letters, Department of History-Geography, F acultatea Economic Sciences and Public Administration, Department of Physical Education and Sports Science Faculty of Education. In May they added a Department of Personnel Training Teachers.

  • In this regard, the University offers a wide range of educational services and research, among which may be mentioned:
    - Education, in all fields, according to fields of study in the faculties mentioned on various forms of educational study (learning day, short duration and distance);

The role of the organization in the project

Year 1
- Designing a broadcast permits to be published on the website of the University, Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurs Association of Students and other interested partners.
- Collection of the business ideas and presentations of commercial intention
- Creating a long list of potential entrepreneurs
- Detailed planning activities
- The preparation of entrepreneurs in training
- Evaluate the training and development opportunities beyond the training project

Year 2
- Creating a draft website
- Inventory requirements instructors additional expertise in marketing and / or technology to 14 companies initiated
- Selecting instructors for the event gathering instructors and bringing out the events of making investments
- Assembly quarterly progress reports from students participants partners VISEC
- Assistance overcome administrative barriers
- Reports Quarterly participation of students in progress
- Quarterly Reports Progress
The role of the organisation in the project

Partners in the project

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