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Suceava, 13 august 2007

Virtual Incubator of Students Entrepreneurs in the Ukraine-Romania border area VISEC
The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Suceava started in December 2006 project "VISEC - Virtual Incubator Students Entrepreneurs in the border area Romania-Ukraine" will take place starting the 1st of December 2006 to 28th of November 2008. "VISEC is a project financed by the European Union, through the Neighborhood Romania Ukraine 2004-2006, Ro 2004/016-942.01.01.17, The Phare CBC 2004, with a budget of 106,358 Euros. The project has as partners: University "Stefan cel Mare and Suceava Institute of State for Finance and Economy of Chernivtsi.
The project aims to improve cross-border cooperation in the region Romania - Ukraine through constant development of entrepreneurial talent and through a cooperative supported a start-up SMEs and small and medium enterprises in the area of the border. Direct beneficiaries are young people in universities and schools of higher education, which are being complete or have recently completed studies and SMEs seeking development opportunities border, and the beneficiaries are indirect partners to develop their skills to create an entrepreneurial environment competitive.
Results will be materialized, mainly in training a number of 84 entrepreneurs, 8 local instructors, boosting the 14-border business start-ups, 28 companies (start-ups) with a good perspective of integration and testing the need of existence of the business incubators in the region.
The main activities of the project consist of: project management, creating a help desk for entrepreneurs which will start a feasibility study on the need for business incubators in the border area, will develop a series of business plans, will develop the page web project, support of training on business management and human resources development through training of trainers, will provide training regarding financial advice and business development, project promotion and dissemination of information through regional marketing and its advertising campaigns.
For additional information regarding the implementation of this project please contact:
Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Suceava
tel: 0230 521506, fax: 0230 520099
Contact person: Marcel Gaftoneanu, project coordinator.

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