Virtual Incubator of Students Entrepreneurs Cross-border Suceava - Cernauti



WP 1.1 Activity: Management and Coordination

  1. Rezumatul proiectului V.I.S.E.C.
  2. Acordul de Partnersat
  3. Prezentarea generala a judetului Suceava

WP 2.1 Activity: Collecting business ideas to potential entrepreneurs

  1. Types of Business Startups
  2. Where Do Entrepreneurs Get Their Ideas

WP 2.2 Activities: Training for future entrepreneurs with the theme How to build business models and business plans

Prezentarile cursantilor din Suceava

  1. Academia de turism - marketing mix
  2. Bioflame
  3. Golf Club
  4. Life long learning
  5. On road publicity

Prezentarile cursantilor din Cernauti

  1. Business consulting center
  2. Carpathian montains
  3. Horse center
  4. Internet music cafe
  5. MARS+
  6. SS4U - Software eSpecially For yoU

WP 2.3 Activity: Train of Trainers

WP 3.1 Activity: Implementation of Help-desk

  1. Prezentarea IMM-urilor

WP 3.2 Activity: Business incubation of ideas

  1. Lista Traineri CEFE

WP 3.3 Activity: Identifying investors

WP 3.4 Activity: Implementation of a monitoring system

WP 4.2 Activity: Design and dissemination of promotional materials of the project

  1. Afisul proiectului (limba romana)
  2. Afisul proiectului (limba engleza)
  3. Anunt V.I.S.E.C.
  4. Afis HELP DESK



Partners in the project

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