Virtual Incubator of Students Entrepreneurs Cross-border Suceava - Cernauti

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The VISEC (Virtual Incubator of Studen in the area of the border) is a project of development of human resources which will contribute to a constant development of entrepreneurial talent and a cooperative support inuta of business enterprises in the border area.

About the project

Grupul tinta

The first target group is composed of young universities and the schools of the higher teaching which are superior in the process of absolve or even have completed their studies shortly before.



WP 1.1 Activity: Management and Coordination

WP 2.1 Activity: Collecting business ideas to potential entrepreneurs

WP 2.2 Activities: Training for future entrepreneurs with the theme How to build business models and business plans

WP 2.3 Activity: Train of Trainers

WP 3.1 Activity: Implementation of Help-desk -

WP 3.2 Activity: business incubation of ideas

WP 3.3 Activity: Identifying investors

WP 3.4 Activity: Implementation of a monitoring system

WP 4.2 Activity: Design and dissemination of promotional materials of the project

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