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Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Suceava

About the organization

  • On 18.03.1850, Emperor Franz Josef signed the Provisional Law on the establishment of Chambers of Commerce and Profession (industry). Ministry of Commerce, on the basis of the above-called provisional laws, elaborated on 26.03.1850 Law foundation for CCM, law published in the Official Gazette of Legislation of the Empire (valid for the whole empire) on 30.03.1850. The document was the basis for creating associations and organizations to defend the interests of businessmen and industrialists. In light of the above mentioned law, Cernauti, and Bucovina, on 01.07.1850, 29 representatives and sales persons of the businessmen gathered in the Formation of the General Assembly and decided the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce and Trades of the BUCOVINA. The College of COMPONENT AND MANAGEMENT and consists of 15 people working in two sections: tradesmen and traders. Each session included all activities in this field in the territory Bukovina. The first president of the CCM was elected WILLHELM Baron von ALT, winner of the Order of the Crown Imperial Iron, class-IlI; Order of Franz Josef, the Order of St. Ana, director of Treasury Bukovina; citizen of Honor of the city Chernovtsi, Honorary Member of the Society of Wistburg Polytechnic. Imperial Government gave CCM right to be considered the Circumscription Independent Election CCM and thus had 3 seats in Bucovinean Government from Cernauti and a place in the Austrian Empire of the Ambassadors Assembly in Vienna.
    CCM represent and defend the interests of merchants and the industry men in Bucovina ....

The role of the organization in the project

    Year 1
    - Prepare a schedule of time and work on a project and agree the details of the project
    - The drafting and signing partnership agreements and organizing meetings start-up process
    - Establish common visual image of the project VISEC
    - Detailed planning of training activities
    - The preparation of entrepreneurs in training
    - Selecting instructors able to provide ALL
    - Preparation for trainers of trainers selected from the WP 2.2
    - Assessment of training

    Year 2
    - Establish and advertising assistance office on the website of the University of Suceava
    - Selecting additional instructors with experience in marketing and expertise of marketing and gathering the students with instructor
    - Selecting instructors for the event gathering instructors and bringing out the events of training instructors
    - Selecting a few specific companies for help in finding a suitable locations for business
    - Organize second gathering events of instructors for start-ups resulting from training and other interested entrepreneurs who are registered

Partners in the project

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